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Ecumenical Voices : Anthology of NEICC Papers
Authorship Description
Editors: B. J. Syiemlieh, Roger Gaikwad and Ramengliana.
Bibliographical Details viii, 212 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher Ist ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351486249
ISBN-13 9789351486244, 978-9351486244
Year of Publication 2022.
Further Details In Collaboration with North East India Christian Council, Shillong.
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The North East India Christian Council has been actively engaging itself with contextual issues, especially those that concern its member units and the Northeast India as a whole. Huge amount of reflections and discussions resulting in various positive outcomes have occurred. They are worthy as objects of remembrance, and also deserve careful study by the present and future generations.

This book contains a good part of that long history. The articles, even though diverse in style, are representative of the main concerns of the Council all these years. Some of the materials are historically important, some missionally and ecumenically relevant, and some socially and spiritually challenging. What they clearly manifest is the deep concern about church unity, prioritization of mission works, struggle for social relevance, and never ending spiritual self examination.

Read it to learn the need to foster unity among the churches, and to enlarge Christian vision towards serving the society through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




I. History of NEICC

1. A Brief History of the North East India Christian Council

2. NEICC: Past Present and Future

II. Church Unity

3. Church Union in North East India

4. Biblical Basis for Church Union

5. Problems and Prospects of Church Unity in North East India

6. The Role of Theological Education in Church Unity

7. Theological Response to Ethnic and Regional Conflicts Affecting Churches in North East India

8. Gender-Inclusive Participation in the Ministry of the Church

9. Problems of Theological Education in North East India

III. Missional Challenges

10. Can We Do It Together? An NEICC Perspective

11. Partnership in Missions in the Context of North East India Doing Mission

12. Biblical Foundations for Partnership in Mission

IV. Nation Building and Hindutva

13. Christian Presence in Nation Building in India

14. Responding as Christians to the Changing Socio-Political Scenario in India

15. An Exploration into Hindutva Ideology from a Christian Perspective

16. Responding to the Outworking of Hindutva Ideology in India Today, with Special Reference to North East India

V. Other Social Issues

17. A Critical Approach to IPC 377 and IPC 497 and their Implication for Churches in North East India

18. Christian Response to Ecological Crisis

19. Church Response to Bandh Culture in North East India

20. The Social Concerns of the Church

Appendix: The Plan of Church Union and Draft Constitution of the Church of North East India, 1970

Rev. Dr. B. J. Syiemlieh is Associate Director, Bible Society of India Translation Centre, Shillong.

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad is former General Secretary, National Council of Churches in India.

Rev. Dr. Ramengliana is Secretary, North East India Christian Council.




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