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Redefining Relationships in Romans : A Socio-Historical and Political Reading
Authorship Description
Zakali Shohe.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 126 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351484653
ISBN-13 9789351484653, 978-9351484653
Year of Publication 2020.
Series Biblical Hermeneutics Rediscovered - 33.
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Identities and roles play an important part in Pauline epistles, especially in Romans. Paul emphasizes on the believers identity and role as members of the believing community, and of the larger society. Such demands a need for redefining relationships. To this end, this book investigates the roles of the believers in Christ in Romans 12-13 and Romans 15:7-13.

Insights from historical, sociological and political approaches are employed in order to bring out a richer understanding of the texts in the context of identities and roles. The book situates Romans within the Roman Imperial context and then locates Paul’s exhortation in Romans 12-13 and 15:7-13 within the said historical context. It examines the identities and roles and interprets it in an attempt to establish the importance of redefining relationships. The book then brings an interpretive framework for redefining relationships in Romans. Such exploration of Romans allows us to bring Paul’s teachings in the context of the internal and external aspects and to conclude that Paul is attentive to the context in which he finds himself.



1. Introduction
2. Situating Romans within its Historical Context
3. Romans 12-13 and the Roman Social Status
4. Relational Motif in Romans 15:7-13 and the Caludian Edict
5. An Interpretive Framework for Redefining Relationships in Romans
6. Conclusion


Zakali Shohe is Associate Professor of New Testament at Trinity Theological College in Dimapur, Nagaland. She is the author of Acceptance Motif in Paul: Revisiting Romans 15:7-13 published in 2017 by Peter Lang, Frankfurt, Germany. She has also contributed chapters in several monographs and articles in international and national Journals.  

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