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Racism, the Thorn in the Humanity's Peaceful Coexistence : With Special Reference to Theological, Tribal, Gendered, and Communication Media Perspectives
Authorship Description
Edited by Rev. Dr. A. Temjen Jamir.
Bibliographical Details xxxviii, 159 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482081
ISBN-13 9789351482086, 978-9351482086
Year of Publication 2017.
Series CCPRA Publication Series - No. 9.
Further Details In Collaboration with Clark Centre for Peace Research and Action (CCPRA), Clark Theological College, Aolijen.
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Racism is a deep-seated evil that benefits only some section or dominant group of people in the society, and discriminates the minority and weaker sections without any compassion. The book is meant to familiarize the readers with this evil from different perspectives, such as, biblical; theological and ethical; historical and legal; gender; tribal; ministerial and mass media.

The articles set forth pertinent issues and concerns related to racism that are faced by the people of India in general and North East India in particular. They are aimed at provoking the thoughts of the readers and giving a wakeup call on the evil and threat of racism in the society. This volume intends to appeal everyone to be perceptive and active with a spirit of commonality towards the pain and thorns in many forms that innocent people are made to experience everyday in the most inhuman acts so that they may have more space for peace and justice in the society.

This edited work is a bunch of articles presented by scholars during the National Seminar on the theme, organized by the Clark Theological College, Aolijen, Mokokchung.





Keynote Address

1. Some Thoughts on `Racism' from the Old Testament Pentateuch / Temsuyanger

2. Jews, Greeks and Barbarians in Romans 1:14 and 16: Paul's Response to Ethnocentrism / B. J. Syiemlieh

3. Racism : Perspectives from the Tribal Customs and Practices / Hukato N. Shohe

4. Racism and Religion (Christianity) : An Ethical Reading / Shimreingam L. Shimray

5. "Look, they are one People" : A Theological Perspective on the Babel Narrative (Gen 11:1-9) for Ending Racism / Eyingbeni Huemtsoe-Nienu

6. Race-(ism) A Threat to Social Harmony : A Sociological Perspective / Temjensosang

7. Law and Racism : Indian Legal Perspective / P. B. M. Basaiawmoit

8. Racism in Christian History / Toshi Aier

9. Interrogating the Role of Media for or Combating Racism : An Advocacy towards Peaceful Co-existence in the Society / A. Temjen Jamir

10. Communication and Racism Communication : A Cure or Curse / Butesen Ozukum

11. Re-Imagining Gender and Racism through Prophetic Communication / Achemlu Ezung

12. Racism and Christian Ministry : Call to Witness as an Inclusive Church for a Just and Humane Community / Imtimenba Jamir


Rev. Dr. A. Temjen Jamir is the Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and the Academic Dean at the Clark Theological College, Mokokchung, Nagaland.

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