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Ecclesiological Imagination : Christian Witness in the Naga Context
Authorship Description
Edited by James Kalong & Pangernungba Kechu.
Bibliographical Details xx, 212 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351485978
ISBN-13 9789351485971, 978-9351485971
Year of Publication 2021.
Further Details In Collaboration with Oriental Theological Seminary, Dimapur. A Festschrift in Honor of Zelhou Keyho.
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Ecclesiological Imagination is a collection of contextual essays written and contributed by friends, colleagues, and church leaders in honor of Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho, General Secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council. The articles in the book contain constructive musings on new visions for the church, ordinances for the church based on biblical narratives, scope and opportunities on church ministries, and responses to being the church in a pandemic environment. The essays share perspectives both at the scholarly and popular levels and envision directions for the church in the context of Nagaland.


Tribute from a Church Leader

Foundations for Constructive Ecclesiological Imagination

1. The Church: An Imagined Community in Naga Context
2. Being a Community in the World: Navigating the Church towards the Future
3. A Naga Baptist Missional Ecclesiology: A Modest Proposal
4. Reconsidering the Centrality of the Bible
5. Naga Christianity, Worldview, and Social Change
6. The Hand of God: Miles Bronson and the Making of Early Naga Christianity (1838-1840)

Biblical Mandates for Christian Life and Recalibration of the Church

7. Genesis 34: A Critique Against Exclusivism and Social Intolerance
8. Coherence and Integration in the Life of the Church: A Collaborative Exploration of Christ as the Wisdom of God and the Angami Naga Value of Kethezie
9. Stronger Together in Christ (Eccl 4:9-12; Jn 17:21-23; Gal 6:10)
10. Knitted Together in Ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13)
11. Integral Spirituality: A Transformative Practice for Church and Society

Fostering and Reframing Narratives for Church Ministries

12. Hopes for Formidable Leadership
13. Pastoral Ministry: Living and Serving as the Parables of Jesus (Matthew 10:37-42)
14. The State of Naga Spirituality: Some Observations from a Pastor
15. Church and Education: Mission Schools in Nagaland
16. The Role of the Church in Reaching Out to the Student Community
17. Money Talk with God: Financial Integrity and Responsibility in the Church
18. Mental Health and Church Ministry
19. Psychological Health of Naga Society and Challenges for Churches

Imagining and Innovating Ministry in a Covid/Pandemic Context

20. Ancient is the New Future: Emulating New Testament House Church Worship During Pandemic
21. Covid-19 and the Need for a Paradigm Shift in the Focus and Ministry of the Church
22. My Reflections on the Church in a Time of Pandemic
23. People Need Church Now More Than Ever: Reimagining Church Amid the Pandemic Disruption

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