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Blessed Are the Pure in Heart : Bible Studies in the Old and the New Testaments
Authorship Description
Melle H. Oosterhuis.
Bibliographical Details viii, 82 p. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351485528
ISBN-13 9789351485520, 978-9351485520
Year of Publication 2021.
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A deeper look at the Old Testament yields a very important piece of information - the purity terminology used both in the ritual and in the spiritual contexts are the very same. This powerfully indicates that the ritual prescriptions of the Old Testament also have spiritual meanings. What ethical message does this have for Christians? That question is really the subject of this book which can be used for both personal and group Bible Study.



Chapter 1. Integrity, The Heart of the Kingdom
Bible study 1. The Herald
Bible study 2. The King

Chapter 2. What's New?
Bible study 3. In Spirit and in Truth
Bible study 4. Form and Content
Bible study 5. Test My Heart

Chapter 3. Purity

Chapter 4. Purity Rules

Chapter 5. Basic Education
What was behind all those purity rituals?
1. Importance of the Purity Rules
2. Symbolism of the Purity Rules

Chapter 6. Secondary Education
Bible study 6. Pure Lips
Bible study 7. A Pure People

Chapter 7. A Pure Heart
Bible study 8. A Pure Heart

Chapter 8. 
Bible study 9. Purification

Chapter 9. Higher Education
The Massage
Bible study 10, Heart and Hands
The Fruits
Bible study 11. Peter
Bible study 12. James
Bible study 13. John
Bible study 14. Paul

Chapter 10. Priority

Dr. Melle Oosterhuis was born in 1949 to missionary parents in Indonesia. He grew up in the Netherlands and started studying forestry with an intention of returning to tropical mission fields to serve in forestry related to mission. It was during this time that he felt the calling to study theology. He enrolled in the Theological University in Kampen, Netherlands and completed his Masters in Old Testament Studies. He then embarked on a pastoral career that spanned over 40 years in the Reformed Churches in Netherlands. During this time, he pursued a PhD in Old Testament Studies and submitted his thesis on Purity Terminology in the Old Testament. Since his retirement as a Pastor, he has served as the moderator for the General Synod of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands for two terms. He has been happily married for 46 years to his wife Hannie, and God has blessed them with 7 children and 18 grandchildren.

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