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Religion, Spirituality and Secularity in Multi-Religious India : Visions and Experiments
Authorship Description
Editor: Dr. Israel Selvanayagam.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 172 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482138
ISBN-13 9789351482130, 978-9351482130
Year of Publication 2017.
Further Details In Collaboration with the Association of Theological Teachers in India (ATTI).
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However complex and mysterious, religion in some form is integral to human life as evident in history and therefore cannot be divorced from study and analysis. The alternative term `spirituality' appeared to ward off the ambiguous characters of religion, but it has not proved to be less complex. Explicit religions claim to possess the resources of spirituality while often maintaining a dichotomy between spiritual and material. An alternative understanding of spirituality is presented as permeating all aspects of life. The concept of implicit religion and secular spirituality, unlike the established religion, is exploratory with open boundary. However, it cannot remain a concept in the intellectual realm but be applied to contexts like India where religious life is vibrant within a secular polity where struggle for legal and eco-justice continues.

The essays of this book provide a commentary on these issues. Further, insights, instincts and impulses to work for change at great personal risks deserve an in-depth exploration.




1. Is Implicit Religion and Secular Spirituality only a Western Concept and Experience? : A Keynote Presentation / Edward Bailey

2. Defining Religion in `Hindu' India : A Review of Major Attempts / Israel Selvanayagam

3. North East Indian Secular Spirituality? : An Exploration towards Sacred-secular Spirituality / Songram Basumatary

4. Religion and Secular Spirituality in India : An Islamic Perspective / Mohd Fahim Akhtar

5. Islamic Spirituality in Secular India : Some Modern Thinkers / M. M. Abraham

6. Secular Spirituality from an Ao Naga Tribal Women Perspective / Asangla Lemtur

7. Religion and Secular Spirituality in Tribal Traditions of NEI : A Feminist Perspective / T. Vanlaltlani

8. Secular Spirituality of People's Movements in the Context of Religious Pluralism : A Feminist Perspective / Gabriele Dietrich

9. Understanding Religion and Spirituality in Current Debates of Secularism in India / Densingh Oliver

10. Freedom of Religion in Secular India : From a Legal Perspective / Faizan Mustafa

11. Human Sex, Sacred or Profane? : Hindu-Christian Perceptions / Israel Selvanayagam

12. Environmental Spirituality / W. S. Annie


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Rev. Dr. Israel Selvanayagam, a presbyter from the Church of South India, has taught Religion, Hinduism and Interfaith Relations in many colleges/seminaries in India and in the United Kingdom. Currently, he is with the Methodist Church in Britain, based in Evesham. He has published extensively both in Tamil and English. His last major book is, `Kristu Bhakti and Krishna Bhakti: A Christian-Hindu Dialogue Contributing to Comparative Theology', CWI, 2017.

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