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Sexual Abuse and Counselling of Victims with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder : Intervention and Prevention through Church and Society
Authorship Description
Dr. Graceamma David.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 155 p. ills. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481581
ISBN-13 9789351481584, 978-9351481584
Year of Publication 2017.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 45.
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The book is the outcome of the passion for research of the author in counseling abused girls in order to inculcate positive vibes and thoughts in their lives. The increasing number of sexual abuse cases reported in the media confirms the significance of the publication of Dr. Grace's research. Using both qualitative and quantitative research methods, this book brings to us verbal reports, case studies, symptoms and severity of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in abused girls.

This book also invites us to see the complementary role of churches, families, and societies to not only prevent such atrocities, but also to provide effective interventions for which the suggestions provide a glimpse of the opportunities the significant others have in the lives of the abused. The readers will enter into dialogue with the pages of this book and re-examine their role in promoting abuse-free societies and supporting young lives that are abused.




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1. Introduction

        1.1 Background of the Research

        1.2 Elaboration

        1.3 Significance

        1.4 Definition of Key Terms

        1.5 Previous Research

        1.6 Ministry Project

        1.7 Methodology

        1.8 Scope and Limitations

        1.9 Structure

2. Review of Literature

        2.1 Adolescence

        2.2 Abuse

        2.3 PTSD- Clinical Definition

        2.4 DSM-IV Criteria for PTSD

        2.5 PTSD in Adolescent Girls Due to Sexual Abuse

        2.6 Effects of Stress in Adolescents

        2.7 PTSD and Depression in Adolescents

        2.8 Reactions of Adolescent Girls to PTSD

        2.9 Biological Changes Due to PTSD

        2.10 Alterations in Brain Chemistry, Structure, and Functioning

        2.11 PTSD and Physical Health Problems

        2.12 PTSD on Females

        2.13 PTSD and Personality Disorder

        2.14 Interventions

        2.15 Conclusion

3. Methodology

        3.1 Method of Study

        3.2 Research Design

        3.3 Local of the Study

        3.4 Population and Sample for the Study

        3.5 Duration of the Study

        3.6 Variables

        3.7 Inclusion Criteria

        3.8 Exclusion Criteria

        3.9 Objectives

        3.10 Hypotheses

        3.11 Tools and Techniques Applied

        3.12 Socio-Demographic Data of Participants

        3.13 Abuse Details

        3.14 Los Angeles Symptom Checklist (Lasc)

        3.15 Counselling Strategis

        3.16 Statistical Techniques Employed for the Present Study

        3.17 Conclusion

4. Analysis and Interpretation

        4.1 Preliminary Analysis

        4.2 Hypotheses Testing

        4.3 Case Studies

        4.4 Conclusion

5. Findings and Conclusions

        5.1 Major Findings

        5.2 Tenability of Hypotheses

        5.3 Implications

        5.4 Conclusion



Dr. Grace was born and brought up in a Christian Pentecostal family of Central Kerala. At present, she is the Director of Grace Counselling Center (GCC) and founding Chairman of Presbyterian Foundation, a public religious and charitable trust. She has authored `Laborers in the Vineyard' in Malayalam. She travels extensively and analyses human behavior and personality to help the troubled in facing life with new and positive vitality.

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