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A Guide to Writing and Research
Authorship Description
Prof. Rev. Dr. Jayaker Yennamalla.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 129 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9360658340
ISBN-13 9789360658342, 978-9360658342
Year of Publication 2024.
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A Guide to Writing and Research elucidates the expectations placed on researchers at each stage of their research writing and equips them to address any gaps they encounter during their research. It is a source of inspiration and knowledge, guiding students, writers, researchers, and others toward success in their writing and research endeavours.






1. Writing Assignments and Thesis Proposal

1.1. Book Review
1.2. Reading Report
1.3. Book Summary
1.4. Reflection Paper
1.5. Term Papers
1.6. Writing Thesis Proposal

2. What is Research?

2.1. Scientific and non-scientific Research
2.2. Distinct Forms of Research
2.3. Research Question
2.4. Basic Elements in Thesis Writing

3. General Format Requirements

3.1. Font Type and Size Format
3.2. Margins
3.3. Pagination
3.4. Line Spacing
3.5. Paragraph Length
3.6. Text Alignment
3.7. Content Format
3.8. Paper Size
3.9. The Order of a Dissertation/Thesis

4. Footnotes, Endnotes and Bibliography

4.1. An Overview
4.2. Sample Footnotes and Bibliography

5. General Guidelines

5.1. Sources
5.2. Quotations
5.3. Scripture References: Indicating Separation and Range
5.4. Italics
5.5. Punctuation
5.6. Digital Libraries
5.7. Keyboard Shortcuts in Word

6. Research Ethics and Emerging Challenges

6.1. Sensitivity
6.2. Anonymity and Confidentiality
6.3. Sampling
6.4. Informed Consent
6.5. Research Misconduct and Obfuscation
6.6. Chat GPT and Its Implications on Research



Prof. Rev. Dr. Jayaker Yennamalla earned B.A. (Social Science) and M.A (Language) degrees from Osmania University, Hyderabad, as well as B.D., M.Th., and Doctor of Theology (History of Christianity) degrees from the Senate of Serampore College (University), Kolkata, India. He has been the chairman of MB Field Association Shamshabad since 2017.

He is the Director of Postgraduate Studies at Mennonite Brethren Centenary Bible College (MBCBC), Shamshabad. He is a Professor of History of Christianity at MBCBC and Advanced Institute for Research on Religion and Culture (a federated programme of Andhra Christian Theological College, Henry Martyn Institute, and MBCBC). He presented numerous papers at regional, national, and international academic conferences. Dr. Jayaker has contributed scholarly articles and reviews to national and international journals. He also authored several books.


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