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Engendering the Divine Image : Conversations with Dalit Women's Experience
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Nelavala Gnana Prasuna.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 170 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351484211
ISBN-13 9789351484219, 978-9351484219
Year of Publication 2020.
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The present work is a study on the status and identity of Dalit women in India with special reference to South Andhra Lutheran Church (SALC). The experience of the struggles, sufferings, aspirations and victories of Dalit women, is the foundation in theologizing and constructing ‘Dalit Feminist Hermeneutics.’ Using the concept of “identity” as a hermeneutical tool, the research is engaged in the basic theological issue, i.e., ‘Dalit women as the Image of God.’ By drawing on the work of several Feminist and Dalit theologians, an attempt is made by the author to ‘depatriarchalize’ the patriarchal ideology that boxed God; and to reconstruct God’s image in various metaphors which are empowering.

This learned presentation contributes toward the said theology in line with understanding, reflection, interpretation and articulation of Indian Christian Theology at large. It contributes methodologically to the wider feminist movement in India. The theological enterprise in this research work, takes both the academic circles and the grassroots in to serious consideration, where the Bible becomes a major socio-religious context.



1. Introduction: Journey Towards Dalit Feminist Hermeneutics
2. Theological Enterprise In India: A Dalit Feminist Assessment
3. Presentation of Data and Findings of the Status and Identity of South Andhra Lutheran Church Women
4. The Concept of Identity: Theoretical Perspectives in Search of a Dalit Feminist Identity
5. The Image of God: Dalit Feminist Hermeneutical Study Towards The Empowerment of Dalit Women

Appendix 1: Questionnaire

Rev. Dr. Nelavala Gnana Prasuna is an ordained minister of the South Andhra Lutheran Church (SALC) who hails from Andhra Pradesh, India. Currently, she teaches at the Gurukul Lutheran Theological College & Research Institute in the Department of Theology & Ethics, Chennai; and also serves the College as Dean of Women Studies and Luther Studies; and as the Editor of Gurukul Journal of Theological Studies. She has written and published wide varieties of articles. She is also serving as the General Secretary of the Association of Theologically Trained Women in India (ATTWI), Member of Indian Christian Women’s Movement (ICWM) and an Associate Member of the Ecclesia of Women in Asia (EWA).

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