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Indigenous Missions in Post-Independent India : An Empirical Study
Authorship Description
Dr. Potana Venkateswara Rao.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 195 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351486486
ISBN-13 9789351486480, 978-9351486480
Year of Publication 2022.
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This book is meant to be a squeaky wheel to bring up the issue of Indigenous Missions in India. It also reflects Author’s wide experience, insights and passion for the Mission of God. This factual and figurative presentation is going to be a manual for all those who passionately follow the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ meaningfully to the South Asian individuals and communities with relevance and sensitivity so that they could undergo a spiritual rebirth and pave their way towards revealing the Divine.

The author emphasises that conscientization model deals with the root cause of the oppressed and empowers the individual to realize his/her state. This model can be applied to any society to bring liberation in socio, political and economic contexts of the oppressed people.

This well-researched, compassionate, and ground breaking book is for those who have a real concern for indigenous people.




Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Introduction

1.1. Background of the Study
1.2. Rationale
1.3. Purpose Statement
1.4. Statement of the Problem
1.5. Research Methodology
1.6. The Significance of the Study
1.7. Delimitations
1.8. Limitations
1.9. Literature Review
1.10. Chapterization

Chapter 2: THEORIES: Indigenous Missions and Liberation Motif

2.1. Theories Related to Liberation Motif
2.2. Theories Related to Indigenous Missionary Movements
2.3. Theories of Mission

Chapter 3: Emergence, Growth, and Assessment of Indigenous Missions


3.1. Geographical Emergence and Expansion of Indigenous
3.2. Contextual Factors that Contributed to the Emergence of Indigenous Missions in India
3.3. Nature and Function of IMMI
3.4. Important Issues Related to Missionaries

Evaluation of Indigenous Missions in Pre and Post Independent India


3.5. The Early Indigenous Church: St. Thomas Church
3.6. Early Twentieth-Century Indigenous Expression of Christianity
3.7. Mid-Twentieth Century Missionary Movements
3.8. Indigenous Mission Agencies


Chapter 4: Tribals of India: Socio, Political, Economic and Religious Context

4.1. Tribal Identity, Worldviews, and their Social Life Definitions: Tribe and Worldview
4.2. Tribal Religion and Culture: Interrelationship of Social Structure, Religion, and Ethics
4.3. Tribal Economy and Modern Economy
4.4. Tribal Understanding of Sickness, Health, and Healing
4.5. Christian Mission to Tribals in the History


Chapter 5: Tribals in Andhra Pradesh: Problems, Performance & Prospects

5.1. Introduction
5.2. Scheduled Tribals of Andhra Pradesh
5.3. Prominent Tribals of Andhra Pradesh
5.4. Tribal Education
5.5. The Political Background of the Tribals
5.6. General Economic Status
5.7. The Tribals and Agriculture – An Overview
5.8. Industrializing
5.9. Specific Health Problems Facing the Tribals
5.10. Culture Diffusion
5.11. Role of Voluntary Organizations in the Tribal Development
5.12. Changing Tribal Life of Andhra Pradesh: Christianity as a Catalyst

Chapter 6: Field Study: The Mission of COUNT: Transformation of Tribals in Andhra Pradesh


6.1. The Brief History of COUNT
6.2. Missiological Characteristics of COUNT
6.3. Liberation Aspect of COUNT’s Mission Work and Methods
6.4. Missiological Implications


Chapter 7: Conclusions and Recommendations


7.1. Theological/Biblical Reflection
7.2. Analysis of COUNT’s Mission Work
7.3. Contribution of COUNT’s Mission to Tribals of Andhra Pradesh
7.4. Conclusions: Transforming Links for Missions
7.5. Recommendations

Culture Change
Relationship with People of Other Faiths
Incarnational Ministry
Effective Leadership
Raising Local Support
Missionary Training
Administration and Member Care of the Mission
Collaboration with Other Organizations
Impact on Education
Job Placement and Career Guidance Cell

7.6. Potential Model for the Transformation of Tribals in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh
Pedagogy Education
Incarnational Approach: Anthropological Perspective


7.7. Recommendations for Future Study
7.8. Summary and Conclusion


Dr. Pothana's academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in English literature from Acharya Nagarjuna University; a Masters's degree in social work from the same university; a Master’s degree in Religion & Philosophy from Madurai Kamaraj University; a Master of Divinity from GFA Seminary, Tiruvalla; a Master of Theology degree from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune and his Ph.D. from the University of Mysore through SAIACS in Bangalore.

He is a visiting professor of Missiology in several seminaries in India and abroad. He is also the director of COACH Institute of Intercultural Studies, Hyderabad which focuses on training mission leaders to share the Gospel with contextual mission methods.

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