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A Compendium of Christian Theology : Being Analytical Outlines of a Course of Theological Study, Biblical, Dogmatic, Historical
Authorship Description
William Burt Pope.
Bibliographical Details 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher Reprint ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 935148307X (Set)
ISBN-13 9789351483076, 978-9351483076 (Set)
Year of Publication 2019.
Volume Details 3 Vols. Contents: vol. 1. viii, 456 p. ISBN: 9789351483083. vol. 2. x. 451 p. ISBN: 9789351483090. vol. 3. viii. 493 p. ISBN: 9789351483106.
Series Christian Classics Revived - 17.
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A Compendium of Christian Theology, sets forth prominent arguments for the holiness doctrine of all Methodist systematic theology and vis-à-vis defends the Methodist doctrine against its critics.

This in-depth research work presents the most significant and influential Methodist systematic theology of the time, and the unambiguous lookout of Methodist theology during the second half of the nineteenth century.

This 3 vol. work sets no stone unturned in covering each and every aspect of history be it of science, philosophy, literature or learning. Volume one exhibits the divine rule of faith, inter-alia covering reason, revelation, miracles, prophecy, and the inspiration & canonicity of Scripture. Volume two presents sin, including original sin and the manifestation of sin. This volume also outlines Christ’s redemptive work, with a detailed discussion of the atonement. The third volume discusses salvation and righteousness, and concludes with a detailing on eschatology.

This well-grounded and comprehensive systematic theology is also equipped with a general Index in its third volume. The book is a delight for Methodists and Wesleyans, Theologians, Historians, Church Ministers, Christian Laity, Church Clergies, Church Libraries, Christian Colleges, Seminaries and Institutions, Researchers and Students, alike.

William Burt Pope (1822-1903) was a great British Methodist Theologian of the nineteenth century. Ordained in 1842, Pope became a successful linguist and translator of German anti-rationalist critics. He taught at the Didsbury Wesleyan College in Manchester, England, from 1867 to 1886.

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