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Can We Ever Know How Much We Don't Know? : Philosophical Reflections on Science, Spirituality, Wisdom and Ignorance
Authorship Description
Fr. S. Stephen Jayard.
Bibliographical Details xxiv, 617 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9395457473
ISBN-13 9789395457477, 978-9395457477
Year of Publication 2023.
Series JD Philosophy Series - 27.
Further Details In Collaboration with Jnana Deepa, Pune.
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Part I: Revisiting the Construal of Science

Section A: Issues of Rationality/Methodology

1. Intuition – An Interface between Mysticism and Science
2. Some Observations on Observation in Philosophy of Science: An Attempt to Realize the Need to Go Beyond Science
3. Reasonableness: The Defining Characteristic of Human Beings
4. Rationality
5. Rationality (Reasonableness) in Science
6. The Role of Reasonableness in the Construal of Human Fullness - A Philosophy of Science Perspective
7. Is Popper Proper? – Reflections on Popper’s Views on Inductive Reasoning in Science
8. Inductive Reasoning – A Thorn in the Flesh? Implications of Inductive Reasoning for Natural Sciences and Human Lives

Section B: Considerations of Values/Morality 

9. Are Values Valuable in Science? - A Kuhnian Perspective
10. Struggles of Science and Relevance of Religion
11. Healing Ministry and Palliative Care in Christianity
12. Nanotechnology and the Risk of Scientism – Philosophy of Science Perspectives

Section C: Contemplations on Consciousness/Mind

13. Mysticism and Quantum Physicists: Friends or Foes?
14. Dissent: A Demand for Ascent An Essential Lesson from the Existential Nature of Science
15. A Complete Construal of Consciousness – Comprehensible? Some Reflections on the Understanding Human Consciousness
16. Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent, Yet Artificial Reflections on Interfacing Philosophy and AI
17. Mathematics: A Mesmerizing Mystery

Part II: Insights, Implications andInstructions of the New Construal

Section D: For Science

18. Learning to Learn – Dudley Shapere’s Invitation to Learn from the Contemporary Science
19. Science as a Hermeneutical Enterprise – Implications for India, Science and Humanity
20. Mr. Stephen Hawking, Who Is That “Tailor”? - Reflections on Hawking’s Ideas on God

Section E: For Spirituality

21. Why Do You (not) Laugh When I Crack a Joke? - Some Existential Reflections from Physical and Metaphysical Perspectives
22. Meaning and Meaningfulness of Life: Beyond the Boundaries of Biosciences
23. Seminary, Science and Signs of the Times: An Invitation to Be Wise, Not Otherwise
24. Is Body Merely Bodily? – Reflections on Human Body as a Symbol in Bio- and Medical Sciences
25. Science–Religion Dialogue as a Movement: The Need of the Hour to Transform Society
26. Science and Spirituality: Estranged? Or Enriched? - Reflections on How They Help Us Acquire Larger Perspectives
27. Spirituality: Seasoned or Seasonal? – An Attempt to Make Spirituality Relevant for Today’s Youth
28. Enriching Science with the Dharma of Jesus – A Philosophy of Science Perspective

Section F: For Ecology

29. Science: Not to Silence “Silence” - Reflections on the Role of Science in Building a Holistic Nation
30. Cosmic Insignificance and Cognitive Indispensability – An Obligation to be Wise, Not Otherwise!
31. “Being Human to Nature” – A Call from the World of Sciences
32. Gratitude: From Inner Space to Outer Space - Reflections on Gratitude from Psychological and Cosmological Perspectives
33. Contemporary Cosmology: Leading to Humility Science, Humility Theology and Holistic Humanity

Section G: For Humanity

34. Enrichment of Human Life Transcending Rational Restraints - A Philosophy of Science Perspective
35. Science with a Human Touch: An Urgent Need to Augment Life and Culture - A Feyerabendian Analysis
36. Towards an Enlightened and Enriched Humanity: Rays of Hope from Critical Interaction with the Contemporary Science
37. Science and the Signs of the Times: Redefining Science and Enriching Humanity
38. Does Feminism Contribute to the Development of Science? – If So, How? If Not, Why Not?
39. Can Ignorance Be Ignored? – Existential Reflections on Ignorance from Philosophy of Science Perspectives
40. Making Curriculum Wise, not Otherwise: Some Reflections on Veritatis Gaudium of Pope Francis
41. Corona: Living or Non-Living? - Yet Lessons for the Living
42. Sacred Spaces: Too Sacred for Women? Reflections on Scientific Basis on Preventing Women at Certain Worship Places
43. Can We Ever Know What (How Much) We Don’t Know? – Lessons from Contemporary Sciences

References for some of the Key Concepts
Selected Bibliography

Fr. S. Stephen Jayard, a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India, is a Professor, teaching Philosophy at Jnana-Deepa – Institute of Philosophy & Theology (Papal Athenaeum), Pune, India. He has obtained a Doctoral Degree in Philosophy of Science, from the Central University, Hyderabad, India. He has undertaken a post-doctoral research in the USA and Canada. He has been a visiting professor at the International Institute of Information Technology (Hyderabad), Sogang University (Seoul, South Korea) and Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts (Pune). Author of a few books, he publishes several research papers and presents papers at the national and international conferences. He also preaches retreats and conducts seminars on Motivation and Management at Colleges and Parishes, in India and abroad.


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