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I.R.H. Gnanadason, A Defining Bishop
Authorship Description
Israel Selvanayagam.
Bibliographical Details xx, 166 p. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351486087
ISBN-13 9789351486084, 978-9351486084
Year of Publication 2022.
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I.R.H. Gnanadason (1915-1973) was an illustrious pastor, eloquent preacher and efficient administrator in the then Travancore diocese. He became a defining Bishop of the new diocese of Kanyakumari (1959) and a well-respected Moderator (1972) of the Church of South India. His death was premature, due to illness. However, his exemplary life and daring initiatives for the sake of the gospel continue to be fresh in the memory of those who knew and worked with him. The author, who started his church ministry under IRHD highlights his life and ministry, drawing resources from the records available and shared memories of those living. It is not a usual type of biography. The book places the life, ministry and leadership of Gnanadason in the backdrop of biblical insights on power and authority, the tragic developments about the interpretations and institution of episcopacy in history, and the struggle to clarify the unique understanding of episcopacy and its practice in the Church of South India, the first organic union in the history of Christianity. The role model of Bishop Gnanadason, the author affirms, has led many to perceive that ‘though dead, he still speaks.’






1. Administering Power and Authority: Insights from the Bible

2. From 'Overseer' to 'Lord Bishop' - a Downfall!

3. Reformation: Episcopal and Non-Episcopal Leadership Patterns

4. The Nature of the Episcopacy in the Church of South India

5. Gnanadason: A Bishop in the Making

6. A Role Model for Bishop

7. Communicating God's Message

8. The Episcopacy as a Pastoral Office

9. Unfinished Agenda and Untimely Departure

10. Speaking the Truth in Love



Encouraged and appointed by Bishop Gnanadason for church ministry in Kanyakumari Diocese, Israel Selvanayagam has developed himself to be a bible lover, theologian and minister with a special focus on interreligious dialogue. He has taught Bible, Religions, particularly the Hindu Religious Traditions, Mission in a multireligious world at TTS Madurai, UTC Bangalore, Gurukul Chennai and three colleges in England. He has published extensively in both Tamil and English. The Christian World Imprints have had the pleasure of publishing a number of his books of which ‘The Great Act of Faith: The First Organic Union of the Church of South India’ (2019) is most remarkable. Since 1996 he lives in between cultures and countries and currently serves as a Methodist minister and interreligious practitioner in the multireligious city Leicester in the United Kingdom.

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