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Folk Dance as Ecumenical Communication : A Theological Vision and Mission
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A. Temjen Jamir.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 173 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351484726
ISBN-13 9789351484721, 978-9351484721
Year of Publication 2020.
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Traditionally, Nagas have a variety of folk dances like spear dance, imitative dance, victory dance, bamboo dance, harvest dance and feast dance which clearly depicts different meanings. Naga traditions are rich in folk dances which were regarded as an authentic and authoritative medium of communication for the Nagas, each with its own historical and cultural importance. Thus, folk dance was considered as one of the most important elements of Naga culture. However, the early missionaries discouraged folk dance, primarily stemming from a fear that Nagas would be encouraged and inspired to go for human raids by singing folk songs with dances. This resulted to the disappearance of folk dance in Naga culture. Today, Nagas feel the need to restore certain cultural values and elements for the enrichment of the Naga community. There is a need for the Nagas to take a positive approach to Naga traditional culture instead of simply condemning cultural elements as worthless and devilish. The book takes a fresh attempt at clearly and strongly presenting the authenticity of folk dance from the perspective of ecumenical communication, conveying the message of unity.


List of Abbreviations

1. Introduction
2. Churches and Denominationalism
3. Theological Understanding of Ecumenism and Ecumenical Communication
4. Naga Folk Dance as a Medium of Communication
5. Folk Dance for the Promotion of Ecuminical Sphere with Special Reference to Ao Naga Moatsu Festival: A Social Anthropological Study
6. Folk Dance as Ecumenical Communication in the Church and Society


Rev. Dr. A. Temjen Jamir is a member of the Changtongya Town Baptist Church. After his BD studies, he served as an Associate Pastor (Youth) at Kohima Ao Baptist Church (1987-1990). He is an Associate Professor of Communication and Media studies at the Clark Theological College and the Academic Dean of the College.  He has also served as the Dean of Post Graduate Studies, the Editor of the Clark Journal of Theology, CTC, Mokokchung. He has authored, edited and co-edited several books. Some of his publications include: Popularisation of Folk Music in Christian Worship, 2018 (Revised Edition), Creative Communication: The Potential of New Media in Theological Education, 2014 (Co-edited), Racism, the Thorn in the Humanity’s Peaceful Coexistence, with special Reference to Theological, Tribal, Gendered, and Communication Media Perspectives, 2017 (Edited).  Ethnic Politics in North East India: An Academic Approach, 2018, (Co-edited). He has also written and published several articles in academic journals. His wife Mrs. L. Atula Lkr, C.T.C alumna, teaches at THSS, Mokokchung, and they are blessed with two sons, Imkongnuksung and Medemkaba.  

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