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The Emerging Challenges to Christian Mission Today : Revisioning Mission from Religious, Cultural, Historical and Women Perspectives
Authorship Description
Edited by S. M. Michael and Jose Joseph.
Bibliographical Details x, 296 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481565
ISBN-13 9789351481560, 978-9351481560
Year of Publication 2016.
Further Details In Collaboration with Ishvani Kendra, Pune.
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Today, in the globalized world, the mission of the Church is challenged by many external and internal forces. It faces the challenges of secularization and the revitalization of faith. In Asia, Christianity remains a minority religion; its members are under pressure from governments and other faiths. In some countries, Christianity, even faces the threat of extinction. Burning, destruction and closure of churches is not uncommon.

In order to face these emerging challenges and to be dynamic and achieve its God-given mandate, Christian mission must rediscover its movement character for our contemporary times. For this, Christian leaders must objectively and critically look at the present world and analyze the logic of its predicaments and respond creatively to bring the meaning of Christ to today's world. The researched articles in this book by renowned scholars aim towards responding to contemporary challenges to Christian mission.

Christian ethical reflections contained in these articles can contribute to the world of today for the shaping of its future towards a humane world. This book, therefore, is the fruit of this Christian hope towards a better tomorrow. It may be utopian. But the utopian hope is a good antidote against the fear of the present, which paralyzes people to inaction. The signs of the times and the movements of the Spirit need to be embraced by the Christian community since they respond to the challenges of our world.



1. Emerging Challenges of Mission Today / Emeritus Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil and Archbishop of Jowai

2. The Emerging Cultural Challenges to Christian Mission Today / S. M. Michael

3. Religious and Cultural Pluralism / Bishop Thomas Dabre

4. Part A: Emerging Trends in Christian Mission : A Feminist Perspective / M. Surekha Lobo

4. Part B: Emerging Challenges to Christian Mission : Women's Response / Melba Lopes

4. Part C: The Emerging Challenges to Christian Mission and Women's Response / Sahaya Mary

5. The Emergence of Political Islam and the Persecution of Christians / Khaled B. Akasheh

6. Contemporary Islamism and Persecution of Christians Minorities : Challenges for Christian Muslim Relations / Victor Edwin

7. The Changing Political Scenario Towards an Effective Response / Louis D'Silva

8. The Emerging Challenges to Christian Mission Today : Digital World and the Youth Culture in Christian Mission / Joachim Fernandes

9. Emerging Biological and Medical Issues at the Beginning and End of Life Confronting the Mission of the Church / Stephen Fernandes

10. Changing Family and Christian Mission / Shiju Joseph

11. Ecological Concerns and the Mission of the Church / Mohan Doss

12. Dynamics of the Conversion Call of St. Paul and its Implications for the Indian Society / Wilson D'Souza

13. The Renewal of Religious Life in an Age of Increasing Secularism / Philip Pinto

14. The Vision of Pope Francis to Renew Church and Society / Francis Gonsalves

15. The Khrist Bhakta Way : A New Way of Being the Church / Prem Antony

16. The Universal Inclusiveness of the Christian Koinonia : First Moves by the Early Church / Thomas Malipurathu

17. The Role of Pastoral Centres in the Church's Mission to Evangelize / Paul B. Steffen

National Conference on "The Emerging Challenges to Christian Mission Today" - Report for Reflection and Creative Action

List of Participants

Sebastian M. Michael SVD is the Director of Ishvani Kendra, a Missiological Research Institute of the Society of the Divine Word, Pune, India and the Coordinator of Master's Programme in Missiology at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune. He is Professor Emeritus of Cultural Anthropology, University of Mumbai. He is a Consulter to the Pontifical Council for Culture, Rome; and also the SVD Zonal Coordinator for Asia. He was also the Chairman of the Bombay Archdiocesan Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue. Among his several books, the edited volume `Dalits in Modern India: Vision and Values' (1999) was a best-seller of Sage Publications. It has been translated into several languages.

Jose Joseph SVD is the Programme Coordinator at Ishvani Kendra, Pune. He has done his Licentiate in Biblical Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome; and his Ph.D. on "Participation in the Life of Jesus: An Exegetical Study of 2 Cor 4:7-15" from the Catholic University of Leuven in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. He teaches subjects related to Biblical Theology at Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, and at Ishvani Kendra, Pune.

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