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The Early Years of Christianity : A Comprehensive History of the First Three Centuries of the Christian Church
Authorship Description
E. de Pressense, translated by Annie Harwood-Holmden.
Bibliographical Details 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher Reprint ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482340 (Set)
ISBN-13 9789351482345, 978-9351482345 (Set)
Year of Publication 2018.
Volume Details 4 Vols. Contents: vol. 1. The Apostolic Age. 536 p. ISBN: 9789351482352. vol. 2. The Martyrs and Apologists. viii, 651 p. ISBN: 9789351482369. vol. 3. Heresy and Christian Doctrine. viii, 479 p. ISBN: 9789351482376. vol. 4. Life and Practice in the Early Church. xx, 528 p. ISBN: 9789351482383.
Series Christian Classics Revived - 16.
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The Early Years of Christianity : A Comprehensive History of the First Three Centuries of the Christian Church

This monumental work was meant to erase doubts of ignorance which extensively prevailed then as to the nature and origin of Christianity. The present study releases the readers from the shallow scepticism created by other scholarly works in this genre. All the historical documents and titles that were never examined, have been employed scrupulously to retrace the history and covering all major turning points of primitive Christianity.

The book presents a well-thought and organized history in 4 vols. Vol. 1 is about `The Apostolic Age'; inter-alia covering Period from Pentecost to the Council of Jerusalem, Period from the Apostolic Church up to the death of St. Paul, and Period of St. John or Close of the Apostolic Age. Vol. 2 continues the history by exhibiting `The Martyrs and Apologists'; thereby covering subjects like Christian Missions and Pagan Persecutions, The Fathers of the Church in the Second and Third Centuries, and The Attack and Defence of Christianity in the Domain of Controversy. Vol. 3 carries forward the voyage by detailing on `Heresy and Christian Doctrine'; covering topics like Heresy and Development of Christian Doctrine in the Second and Third Centuries. The journey reaches its destination in Vol. 4 as it covers `Life and Practice in the Early Church; thereby presenting Admission of Converts into the Church, Organisation-Discipline, Mutual Relations of the Churches in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Centuries, The Crisis in Rome, The Celebration of Worship, Christianity and the Family, Christianity in its Relation with the State and Society.

This exceptional study is meant for those who seek to understand the evolution of Christianity right from the crux. It is well equipped with Footnotes, Notes, Index of Subjects, Passages of Scriptures Quoted, Index of Authors for the better understanding of readers. The book is a delight for Historians, Theologians, Church Ministers, Christian Laity, Church Clergies, Church Libraries, Christian Colleges, Seminaries and Institutions, Researchers and Students, alike.

Edmond Dehault de Pressense (1824-1891) born in Paris, was a French Protestant religious leader. He was a powerful preacher and political orator. In 1847, he became a pastor in the Evangelical Church at the Chapel of Taitbout in Paris. From 1871, he was a member of the National Assembly and from 1883, a life senator. In 1890, he was elected as a member of the `Academie des sciences morales et politiques'. He laboured for the revival of biblical studies and contended that the Evangelical Church ought to be independent of the power of the state.

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