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Tribal Theology : Reviewing the Naga Traditional Worldview
Authorship Description
Dr. Lovely Awomi James.
Bibliographical Details xlvi, 201 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481697
ISBN-13 9789351481690, 978-9351481690
Year of Publication 2017.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 48.
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Tribal Theology : Reviewing the Naga Traditional Worldview

The book is a theological work on the Naga traditional worldview, through the re-examining and re-reading of the Naga tribal myths, folklores, folktales, sayings, its patriarchal culture, etc., from a Womanist theological perspective. It argues against the popular claim that the traditional worldview is holistic and communitarian without any discriminatory elements in concept and practice. In particular, it takes under its critical study the concept of cosmic oneness - a central concept in the Naga traditional worldview - and re-views the traditional sources to either prove or disprove such claim.

The author exposes misconception of the status of women in the Naga society with an argument that there cannot be gender equality in `patriarchal society,' as Naga culture does not give sufficient space to gender equality. She asserts that the patriarchal culture of the Nagas in itself clearly belies such romantic and half-truth claims. This eye-opening research is an attempt to identify the operative forces that create such contrast between the ideal state and the actual state.







1. Womanist Theology : A Methodological Concern

1. Introduction

2. The Development of Womanist Theology

3. Emergence of Womanist Theology in the USA

4. Sources and Methodology of Afro-American Womanist Theology

5. Anthropology : Basis of Womanist Epistemological Framework

6. Womanist Theology and God-Talk

7. Womanist Theology and Feminist Theology : Divergences

8. Womanist Theology and the Context of Naga Women

9. Summary

2. Naga Traditional Culture and the
Subordination of Female

1. Introduction

2. The Nagas : A Brief Background Information

3. Defining the Meaning and Usage of the Term `Culture'

4. Naga Traditional Culture and Patriarchy

5. Sources of Authority in Naga Tradition : Traditional Medium of Knowledge

6. Summary

3. Naga Traditional Religion and the
Alienation of Women

1. Introduction

2. Naga Traditional Religion termed `Animism' : A Misinterpretation of the Western-Christian Cultural Imperialism

3. A Critical Reflection on the Androcentric Nature of Naga Traditional Religion

4. Naga Women's Transition from Naga Traditional Religion to Christianity and its Affects

5. Naga Women's Struggle in Contemporary Christian Context


4. A Theological Critique on the Naga Traditional
Worldview with Particular Reference to
the Concept of `Cosmic Oneness'

1. Introduction

2. Rationale for Employing the Methodological Tool of Re-regarding the Oral Traditions

3. Sources of Naga Traditional Worldview

4. The Significance of Myths in Naga Tradition

5. Re-Reading the Naga Traditional Myths on the Concept of `Cosmic Oneness'

6. Naga's Pre-Historic Connection with the South East Asia (SEA) : A Pre-Requisite Aspect in Understanding the Historic Traditions of the Nagas

7. The Idea of No Distinction between the Sacred and the Profane in the Naga Traditional Worldview : A Re-Look at the Issue

8. The Idea of Communicaton and Egalitarian Naga Community vs. Patriarchal Culture of the Nagas : A Questionable Claim

9. The Idea of No Distinction between History, Time and Space in Naga Traditional Worldview : Caution against the Idea of a `Messy' Worldview

10. The Necessity for Critical Reading and Interpretation of the Myths

11. Sequel to the Myth on the Primordial Cosmic Family

12. Summary

5. A Naga Womanist Re-Interpretation of the Naga
Traditional Worldview for Relevancy Today

1. Introduction

2. Necessity for Naga Women's Voice in the Naga Tribal Theological Discourse

3. Reinterpreting the Concept of `Cosmic Oneness' for Relevancy Today

4. Redeemable Insights in the Naga Traditional Worldview for Today

5. Resounding Message from the Silence of the Myths on the Ideal Egalitarian Community

6. Deconstruct Patriarchy for Re-Constructing the Human Community

7. Summary

6. Findings and Conclusion

1. Introduction

2. Findings of the Research

3. Implications and Challenges for a Holistic Worldview

4. Conclusion : The Naga Traditional Worldview in a New Light for Today


Dr. Lovely Awomi James is an Associate Professor in the Department of Christian Theology. At present, she teaches at Eastern Theological College, Jorhat, Assam. She is also the present Dean of Women's Studies and Superintendent of Campus Children Ministry at the college. She received all of her theological degrees right from B.Th till D.Th under the Senate of Serampore University. She has been in the teaching ministry for many years now. She has also co-edited a few books including `In Search of Peace: Tribal Resources for Peacebuilding in North East India' and `Towards Advancement: Voices from Diverse Theological Disciplines.' She has also contributed her writings to several theological journals as well as travelled around as a resource person for different programs, seminars and consultations of the church, institutions and associations.

She is married to Rev. Dr. Woba James, who is also an Associate Professor, in the Department of History of Christianity, and they are blessed with two children - Master Khoesiivio James Woba and Miss Rathrune James Woba.

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