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Social Networking and Cyberspirituality : Towards a Theology of Networks
Authorship Description
Rev. Jim M. R. Paul.
Bibliographical Details xxii, 119 p. ills. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481867
ISBN-13 9789351481867, 978-9351481867
Year of Publication 2017.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 50.
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Social Networking sites have become the new talk of the town. These sites help the people to connect each other at ease; thereby facilitating solutions of various social and ethical problems. The research is done in search of the implications that have come to the society as living principles of cyberspace.

Christian theology seriously considers the Bible as one of the primary sources of theology. The theological response that stems from the biblical account looks at God as a communicating God. God, "the prime communicator". This study focuses mainly on the implications of the social networking sites in general and Facebook in particular. An ethical and theological resolution is made on the basis of the research. It exclusively deals with the ethics of cyberspace and the theology of social networking. God connects with people and let others connect with. Thus, the research ends up with the ethical and theological position that can be weighed by reinterpreting the presence of God in the cyber relationships.





Glossary of Major IT Terms Used

General Introduction

1. Origin and Development of Social Networking Sites


       1.1 Network and Networking

       1.2 Networks

       1.3 Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)

       1.4 Networks and Network Structure

       1.5 Types of Network

       1.6 Common Types of Networks

       1.7 The Internet

       1.8 The Concept of Social Network

       1.9 Social Network Sites : Definition

       1.10 Etymology of Social Network

       1.11 The Evolution of Social Networking in the Infant Years

       1.12 Characteristics of a Social Networking Website

       1.13 Launch of Major Social Networking Sites

       1.14 Evolution of Virtual Community (VC)

       1.15 Technology Enablers

       1.16 Nodes, Ties, and Flows


2. Social Network on Facebook


       2.1 Brief History of Facebook

       2.2 Application Development

       2.3 Facebook as a Social Networking Site

       2.4 Positive Potential in Facebook Connectivity

       2.5 Core Concepts of Facebook World

       2.6 Introduction to Facebook Applications and Features

       2.7 Features on Facebook

       2.8 Applications

       2.9 Facebook Marketing Deals

       2.10 Use of Facebook and other Social Networks in Business

       2.11 Business Involvement in Online Social Media

       2.12 Facebook as Social Media

       2.13 Privacy in Facebook


3. Facebook and Youth in Trivandrum City


       3.1 Method

       3.2 Evaluation of the Data Collected

       3.3 Analysis of the Data


4. Towards a Theology of Social Networks


       4.1 Definition of Ethics

       4.2 Ethics and Theology

       4.3 Information Ethics

       4.4 Cyberethics

       4.5 The Virtual Individual

       4.6 The Face of the Other

       4.7 Key Requirements for Good Governance of Cyberspace

       4.8 Privacy and Information Security in Online Networking

       4.9 Characteristics of Digital Communication Environment

       4.10 Towards a Theology of Social Networking


General Conclusion


Rev. Jim M. R. Paul is an ordained presbyter of Church of South India, South Kerala Diocese. He did his post graduation in English from Kerala University; B.D. from Serampore College, Kolkata and M.Th. from TTS, Madurai in the year 2012.

After serving as a parish priest for about six years he was deputed to the healing ministry of CMC Hospital, Vellore. Since 2013, he serves there as a Hospital Chaplain.

He is married to Sunaja who is a school teacher and they are blessed with two lovely children Dan and Diya.

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