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Your Church is God's New Creation : Unlocking the Potential of Your Church Beauty, Prosperity, Purpose and Community in a Creative Way!
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Mario Weyers.
Bibliographical Details x, 92 p. ills. 22 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 935148274X
ISBN-13 9789351482741, 978-9351482741
Year of Publication 2018.
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US $ 10.00 (Ubd.)
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Your Church is God's New Creation : Unlocking the Potential of Your Church Beauty, Prosperity, Purpose and Community in a Creative Way!

In our post-Christendom age, knowledge of Christianity and familiarity with Christian concepts are on the decline for some time now. Christianity has been losing its status as a lingua franca as postmodern society has become highly suspicious of its presence, especially as an institution. With the final stages of the modern period the presence and power of traditional Christian ideologies is coming to an end.

This does not imply that Christian institutions cannot change or adapt to these challenging circumstances. Missiologists are key people assisting Churches and Christian institutions to cope with change and to help the leadership of these institutions to value their challenging context by connecting in new and various ways with their community.

In this presentation, the author, who is a trained missiologist and an ordained minister in a local parish, is re-inventing what is called the "Pastoral Cycle" to infuse new ways of dealing with change. He uses real life experience in his local parish to encourage others to embrace their context as an opportunity to re-invent "newness" from within their fellowship and in so doing, to engage with Postmodern communities.

This exposition is done in three parts which includes an explanation of the Pastoral Cycle with a description of how to implement it. The author works with four realities which is of importance to society (Beauty, Prosperity, Purpose and Community) and relates these four realities to a process that prepares faith based institutions for necessary change.




1. The Courage to Face Ongoing Change

2. LSD Overdose

3. The Pastoral Cycle to the Rescue

4. The Church... God's New Creation


5. Beauty

6. Prosperity

7. Purpose

8. Community


9. Utilising the Four Creative Elements for Your Church

10. Considering Your Local Context

11. Conclusion: Gods's Ultimate Creation


Mario Weyers started with ordained pastoral ministry in the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa, 20 years back. There, he pastored several churches and visited Flemish Belgium in regard to church planting projects in the Low Countries. At present, he ministers in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Academically, he has completed a Masters and Doctorate in Missiology. His main area of research is Post Christendom and how the Church can move beyond this reality and even flourish in spite of its challenges.

His first published book, titled: `Belonging to the Church before believing in Christ' by Mediacom Education in Australia (2016) deals with the ongoing issue of membership and faith.

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