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1000 Difficult Bible Questions Answered
Bibliographical Details 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher Reprint ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351480216 (Set)
ISBN-13 9789351480211, 978-9351480211 (Set)
Year of Publication 2014.
Volume Details 2 Vols. Contents: vol. 1. 1-555 Questions Answered. xviii, 386 p. ISBN: 9789351480228. vol. 2. 1-445 Questions Answered. xvi, 344 p. ISBN: 9789351480235.
Series Christian Classics Revived - 6.
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US $ 65.00 (2-vol. Set)
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US $ 58.50 (2-vol. Set)
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1000 Difficult Bible Questions Answered

This 2-Vol. Work is the collection of insightful and meaningful Answers to the most vital and intriguing Questions from the Bible. The Answers are the outcome of meticulous and painstaking Biblical research done by the Contributors (Scholars, Pastors, Professors and Theologians of all denominations); covering a period of almost a quarter of a century. It is meant to be a valuable means of reference and a constant source of edification, enlightenment & education; for not just Pastors and Ministers but also for any Student of Theology and Biblical Studies. This supplement to the Sacred Book will enshrine a positive light on the most obscure passages of the Bible by giving them a modern interpretation from trustworthy sources.

This all-time classic incorporates 1000 Answers on different aspects of Biblical subjects like: Facts About the Bible; Old Testament Subjects; New Testament Subjects; Words and Terms; Jesus' Life & Death; Sayings of Jesus; A Christian's Problems; Christian Living; Texts, Familiar and Other; The Hereafter. All in all, the Vol. 1 contains Answers to 555 Questions, and the Vol. 2 contains Answers to the altogether different 445 Questions.

The Contributors have not merely traveled along the ordinary highways of Biblical Literature; but have found rarely trodden footpaths and byways to make the readers understand the Holy Book in layman's language. Also, a helping tool in the form of Index of Contents (in each volume) has been provided, making the presentation more worthy of preservation.

It is a must buy for anyone who has a sincere desire to know more of God's Word.

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