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A Christian Response to Human Cloning : Edenic Eve versus Clonaid Eve
Authorship Description
Lephen Thank Kumar.
Bibliographical Details xx, 100 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 935148016X
ISBN-13 9789351480167, 978-9351480167
Year of Publication 2014.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 8.
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A Christian Response to Human Cloning : Edenic Eve versus Clonaid Eve

Human Cloning, by virtue of its achievement in the field of Medico-Science, has sparked a big controversy across the globe. In the contemporary world, being a global village, no one can claim to be untouched by it. It won't take much time to succeed in its attempt to creep into human society as the other discoveries and inventions have done in the past. Nevertheless, Religion has never left Science all alone to move on as it wished to make its way into the human society. Religion being the core of human society has always checked such developments, some time due to her vital role in the society and sometimes due to her legal doctrines that never allow her to think otherwise.

The objective of this Book is to scrutinize the development in the field of Human Cloning in the light of its intentions and implications on marriage, family and the larger society. The Author has attempted to compare the first mother called `Edenic Eve' from Christian literature, with that of `Clonaid Eve', the first claimed Human Clone from the field of Science. Also, a critical analysis of different paradigms of ethical discourses leading to a fair criticism of Human Cloning has been provided thus befitting it to be a study in the field of Christian Ethics, for Libraries, Researchers & Students alike.





Part 1
Edenic Eve : Intensions and Implications

1. The Edenic Eve : First Human Clone

2. The Intensions of Edenic Eve

3. The Implications of Edenic Eve on Marriage and Family

4. The Implications of Edenic Eve on the Larger Society

Part 2
Clonaid Eve : Intensions and Implications

5. Defining Clonaid Eve

6. The Intensions of Clonaid Eve

7. The Implications of Clonaid Eve on Marriage and Family

8. The Implications of Clonaid Eve on the Larger Society

Part 3 Evaluation of Human Cloning via Ethical Paradigms

9. Deontological Paradigm

10. Teleological Paradigm

11. Responsibility-Relational Ethical Paradigm





Mr. Lephen Thank Kumar works as the Associate Director - Administration, of Bharat Susamachar Samiti, a Christian Philanthropic and Educational Organization which runs schools, child development projects and a reputed theological seminary. Besides his administrative responsibilities at BSS, he lectures at the New Theological College. Prior to holding this responsibility, he was the Principal of Mount Carmel Christian Academy, a high school duly affiliated with the ICSE, India.

His area of learning and teaching has been Christian Ethics and Organizational Leadership & Management. Besides holding a Bachelor of Divinity, he also holds a Bachelor of Education, MA in Sociology, a MBA in Education Management. He resides in Dehradun, India, with his wife Lydia and two children, Sambhav and Saakshiyah.

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