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Towards an Integral Theology : Festschrift in Honour of Bishop Dr. M. Ezra Sargunam's 80th Birthday
Authorship Description
Edited by Rev. Dr. Samuel Jayakumar and Rev. Dr. J. A. David Onesimu.
Bibliographical Details xxvi, 235 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482979
ISBN-13 9789351482970, 978-9351482970
Year of Publication 2018.
Further Details In Collaboration with Madras Theological Seminary & College, Chennai.
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The writings in the book "Towards an Integral Theology" have addressed a wide range of relevant biblical, theological, historical, missiological, religious, and ministerial issues in relation to integral theology in the postmodern context of India. These reforming, interdisciplinary and integrating reflections will provide alternatives for the churches to go beyond the divisive factors and to have a spirit of integration in its mission. Bishop Ezra Sargunam in this regard has placed himself as a bridge builder between the theoreticians and the practitioners, the liberals and the conservatives, the ecumenicals and the evangelicals, and the secular and the sacred. Therefore this book explores a movement towards an integral theology for the Church that needs to be explored, expounded and experienced further.


Foreword / The Rt. Rev. Dr. J. George Stephen

Preface / Rev. Dr. Samuel Jayakumar and Rev. Dr. David Onesimu

The Lagacy of Bishop Dr. M. Ezra Sargunam / The Most Rev. Dr. D. Sunder Singh

My Bond and Ministry with Evangelical Church of India / The Most Rev. Dr. M. Ezra Sargunam

Part 1
Biblical Perspectives

1. Understanding the Term Misphat (Justice) and Its Usage in the Book of Proverbs / T. Aaron Martin

2. Messianic Imagination of the Poor in the Gospel of Luke / Arren Bennet Lawrence

3. Women and the Bible / Salome Solomon

Part 2
Theological Perspectives

4. Integral Theology : Towards Constructing Dalit Theology in India / J. A. David Onesimu

5. Integral Theology : Towards Reconstructing a Viable Theological Education in India / K. Vijayan

6. Crossing Boundaries for Equal Partnership : A Feminist Theological Search / Baby Rani

7. Rethinking Dialogue for Interreligious Cooperation in the Context of Religious Fundamentalism in India / Arpit Simon Mathews

Part 3
Historical Perspectives

8. The Impact of Reformation on Indian Renaissance "Mahatma Jyotiba Phule (1827-1890): The Martin Luther of India" / Samuel Jayakumar

9. Radical Reformers of the 16th Century / D. Arthur Jeyakumar

Part 4
Missiological Perspectives

10. Faith in Action - Christian Holistic Mission / Martin Alphonse

11. Recent Trends in Evangelism and Church Growth / R. George Edward

12. Holistic Liberation in Bishop Sargunam's Thought and Praxis / R. Isaac Mangalaraj

Part 5
Religious Perspectives

13. Saffronization of Education in Secular India : Some Practical Issues / V. Kanagu Nelson

14. Priesthood in the Jewish and Brahminic Traditions : Insights for Understanding Priesthood of all Believers in the Protestant Churches / K. Babu Jeyaraj

15. Religions and Secularism : Role of Judicial System in India / S. Samuvel

Part 6
Ministerial Perspectives

16. Christian Ministry in the Context of Poverty / Chris Sugden

17. Gospel of Jesus, the Salt of Indian Politics / Moses Manohar

18. Theological Responses to the Challenges Faced by New Believers from Other Faiths / R. Paul Sigamony

Rev. Dr. Samuel Jayakumar, PhD, is currently Director of Evangelical Theological Academy. He is the author of `Dalit Consciousness and Christian Conversion; Mission Reader;' and `Renewal of Mission.' He has co-edited `Mission Mandate ll;' and `Christian Contribution to Nation Building.' He has contributed articles to academic Journals such as `Transformation, Indian Church History Review, Religion and Society' and `Evangelical Review of Theology.' He is a Langham Scholar.

Rev. Dr. J. A. David Onesimu serves as the Principal of the Madras Theological Seminary and College and is a Senior Pastor at Evangelical Church of India, Nerkundram, Chennai. He did his Th.M. in Mission Theology from Seoul Theological University, South Korea; M.Th. in Christian Theology under Senate of Serampore College (University); and his Ph.D. from Asia United Theological University-ACTS, Korea. He also holds a Diploma in Korean Language from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. He was awarded Doctor of Theology (Honoris Causa) by Kernal University, USA. He was ordained in 1986 by Korean Evangelical Holiness Church, Korea.

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