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The Interface of Science and Religion : An Introductory Study
Authorship Description
Rev. Dr. Rodinmawia Ralte.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 243 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482219
ISBN-13 9789351482215, 978-9351482215
Year of Publication 2017.
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The Interface of Science and Religion : An Introductory Study

This book is an introduction to the interface of science and religion. It includes a wide range of subjects related to science and religion, such as, scientific explanations of the universe; scientific discoveries in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; theories on the origin of the universe; philosophy and sociology of science with the highlights on the contributions of some of the philosophers and sociologists of science. It also covers areas like historical survey of the relationship between science and religion and models of science-religion relations; the ethical issues in genetic sciences and also the negative impacts of modern scientific developments; social studies of science with special reference to feminist critiques of science and postcolonial studies of science. At the end, it presents the whole crux of the topic with a discussion on the theological responses to science and religion dialogue.




1. Scientific Explanations of the Cosmos and Church's Reactions

     1. The Greeks' Geocentric Cosmology

     2. Scientific Revolution

     Concluding Remarks

2. Scientific Developments in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

     1. Charles Darwin and Evolution Theory

     2. Albert Einstein and Theory of Relativity

     3. Quantum Mechanics

     Concluding Remarks

3. Theories of the Origin of the Universe

     1. Creationism

     2. Intelligent Design

     3. Big Bang

     4. Black Holes

     5. Anthropic Cosmological Principle

     6. Many Worlds Theory

     7. Kalam Cosmology

     8. Creation Stories in Hinduism

     Concluding Remarks

4. Philosophy and Sociology of Science

     1. What is Philosopy of Science?

     2. A Brief Historical Survey of the Developments in Philosophy of Science

     3. Major Schools in the Philosophy of Science

     4. Some Prominent Philosophers of Science in the Twentieth Century

     5. What is Sociology of Science?

     6. Development of Sociology of Science

     7. Social Construction of Science

     Concluding Remarks

5. Science and Religion Dialogue

     1. Historical Survey of Science and Religion Dialogue

     2. Ian Barbour's Four Model of Science and Religion Dialogue

     3. Ted Peter's Model of Interaction between Science and Religion

     4. Indian Christian Attempts at Science and Religion Dialogue

     Concluding Remarks

6. Ethical Issues in the Genetic Sciences

     1. The Problem of `Playing God'

     2. Bioethics

     3. Genetic Engineering

     4. Human Genome Project (HGP)

     5. Stem Cells Research

     6. Cloning

     Concluding Remarks

7. Violence of Science

     1. Dams

     2. Green Revolution

     3. Patenting and Bio-piracy

     4. Nuclear Power Plants

     5. Bhopal Gas Tragedy

     Concluding Remarks

8. Social Studies of Science : Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives

     1. Feminist Critique of Science

     2. Postcolonial Studies of Science

     Concluding Remarks

9. Theological Responses to Science and Religion Dialogue

     1. Natural Theology

     2. Theology of Nature

     3. Process Theology

     4. Theology of the Created Co-Creator

     Concluding Remarks



Rev. Dr. Rodinmawia Ralte is Associate Professor of Religions and Philosophy at Bishop's College. He is also Associate Professor of Religions at the North India Institute of Post-Graduate Theological Studies (NIIPGTS), Kolkata. His previous works include - `Hindus and Hindutva: Hindu Tolerance, Hindutva Exclusivism, Emergence of Assertive Hinduism' (2014); `The Unveiled Christ of the Indian Gurus: A Study on the Contemporary Gurus' Interpretations of Jesus Christ' (2017) and four other books in Mizo language. His numerous articles appeared in a number of leading theological journals in India. He is an ordained Minister of the Baptist Church of Mizoram and is married to C. Laltanpuii and they are blessed with three children - Laldinpuia Ralte, Lalruatfeli Ralte and Vanlalawmpuii Ralte.

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