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Transforming Reformation : Reformation in Perspectives
Authorship Description
Editor: Rev. Dr. Songram Basumatary.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 188 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351482553
ISBN-13 9789351482550, 978-9351482550
Year of Publication 2017.
Further Details In Collaboration with Gurukul Lutheran Theological College & Research Institute and United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India, Chennai.
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The Sixteenth Century Reformation is considered as next to the introduction of Christianity for its impact on the life of the Church and society as a whole. For Reformation in general, and Luther in particular, directly or indirectly provided an immense impulse and a propelling force to every forward movement towards modern world and human civilization. Even five hundred years after, Luther's theological challenges and the spirit of Reformation continue to inspire people to stand against various ills and evils in the Church and society. As the situation of Church and society in our times appear rather more volatile than the situation of Luther's time, perhaps the spirit of Reformation not only appears more impelling, but its challenges and relevance finds new meanings and vibrancy. Therefore, in order to mark the commemoration of 500th Years of Reformation and the challenges beyond, the UELCI and Gurukul comeout with this volume which reads the Sixteenth Century Reformation and its relevance with new eyes and from diverse perspectives by giving strong emphasis on the issues and challenges facing the Indian society at large and the Indian Church in particular. Hope, this book will instil in readers, a vision for transforming reformation.




1. An Age of Crisis : Relevance of Reformation Today / Walotemjen

2. Luther and Gutenberg's Print Technology / Thomas Manoj Samuel

3. Celebration of Faith Towards Community-Solidarity / K. Balakrishnan

4. Justice and Unity as Faith Issues : Martin Luther's 500 Years Reformation Perspective / Nagaiyasamy N. S. Samuel

5. Missional Church : Tracing Roots in Martin Luther's Theology / K. David Udayakumar

6. A Missiological Reading of the Women in Reformation in Light of the Women in the Bible / Rebecca Azariah

7. Care against Commodification in the Context of Free Market Economy : Reflecting on Pastoral Care with the Spirit of Reformation / Livingstone Arputharaj

8. Sola-Fide: A Dalit Reading / Samuel Logan Ratnaraj

9. Re-Vitalising Dalit Religious Tradition in the Light of the Impact of Luther's Reformation / Jeevaraj Anthony

10. The Teaching of `Priesthood of all Believers' in Today's Pluralistic Context / J. M. P. Thomas Birla

11. Impact of Lutheran Reformation in India and Ziegenbalg's Mission in the field of Inter Religious Dialogue / S. Thomas Kennedy

12. An Account of the Re-Formation of Tamil Society by European Lutherans and the Native Co-Workers / J. G. Jacob Sundarsingh

13. The Foreclosed System of the Orthodox Church's Caste Identity: A Christian Ministry Perspective (A Tribute to Martin Luther and His Legacy) / George Varughese

14. Understanding the Reformation and its Impact in the Protestant Churches with Special Reference to Lay Training in the CSI, Madras Diocese / N. Manova Santhosham

15. Luther's Call to Examine the Conscience / Florina and Gladston Xavier

16. 500 Years of Reformation: Reviewing from the Catholic Perspective / A. Roy Lazar

17. Re-look at Reformation and Theological Challenges of Martin Luther towards Transforming Reformation / Songram Basumatary

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Rev. Dr. Songram Basumatary, the Editor of the book, is an ordained minister of the Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church (NELC) who hails from Assam, India. Currently he teaches at Gurukul Lutheran Theological College & Research Institute, Chennai and also serves the College as HoD of the Department of Theology & Ethics, Dean of the Post Graduate Studies, and the Head of Luther Studies.

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