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Media and Society : A Study of Media, Economics, Human Rights and Sociology
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Francis Arackal.
Bibliographical Details xxxvi, 359 p. ills. 21 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Bengaluru, ATC Publishers.
Year of Publication 2018.
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Media and Society : A Study of Media, Economics, Human Rights and Sociology

"Media and Society is an attempt to being together significant topics from Media, Economics, Human Rights and Sociology in one place and provide a useful reference to students, faculty, researchers and other interested readers. Media is supposed to be the objective chronicler of events in society in this sense, media makes the first draft of history providing great a service to society. But lately there is a near unanimous view that media too has succumbed to a post-truth world. Some even go to the event of thinking and suggesting that media may be in fact contributing to such a world through its misplaced agenda-setting function. Media is closely related to the economic and social activities that go on it society. Media is looked upon as a watching on human rights. An elaborate index helps the reader to refer the topics easily."
                                                               [from Blurb]


1. Globalization of Media

2. Media and its Audience : Beneficiary or Victim?

3. Semiotics and Media Content

4. Body in Media : Organs without Body

5. Ethical Dimensions of Investigative Reporting

6. Mass Mediated History

7. Advertisement and the Identity of Women in India

8. Social Media as a Tool of Political Communication

9. Online Media as a Tool of Resistance to the Suppressive Tendencies of the Indian Government

10. Development and Culture : Global-Local Negotiations

11. Relevance and Application of Trickle-Down Theory of Development in the Context of India

12. Communicating Development Ideologies : A Comparative Study of UPA and NDA

13. Ideology and Truth : Getting Behind the Clamour of Hindu Nationalism

14. A Brief Sketch of the Sociology of Hinduism

15. World War I and II and the Pacifism of Gandhi

16. Amartya Sen's Welfare Economics and its Relevance for Indian Economy

17. Human Rights Situation in India from 2000 to the Present



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