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We, the Church ... : Studies in Mission and Evangelization
Authorship Description
General Editors: Smitha P. Coffey and Donna Tracy Paul.
Bibliographical Details xxiv, 221 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481964
ISBN-13 9789351481966, 978-9351481966
Year of Publication 2017.
Further Details Essays in Honor of Bishop Dr. B. S. Moses Kumar.
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We, the Church ... : Studies in Mission and Evangelization

`We, the Church' is a collection of essays from learned people of God from across three continents. The wealth of their wisdom provides lessons from the past, insights for the present and signposts for tomorrow. These `Studies in Mission and Evangelization' provide much needed light on several practical issues that concern our existence as the Church. Here is a diversity of contributions in history, theology, anthropology, sociology and missiology.

This is a Festschrift for Rev. Dr. B. S. Moses Kumar who has been faithfully serving His Church for over the last 40 years as a pastor, teacher and as a bishop. This is a labor of love from his wife and children.


Preface: Tryst with `Missio Dei'


Meet Dr. Moses Kumar / Rev. Hobert H. Howard

Friendship in the Lord! / Rev. Donavan Ng


Section 1
Lessons from the Past

1. Meet Sam Page : Another Window on Early Pentecostal Holiness Spirituality / Daniel Woods

2. Oral Roberts : A Son of the Pentecostal Holiness Church / Vinson Synan

Section 2
Insights for the Present

3. Indigenous Peoples of South Asia / Roger E. Hedlund

4. Issues in Shaping an Indian-Christian Identity / Eric J. Lott

5. The Mission of God / Harold Dalton

6. Mission in a Globalized World : National Youth Leadership Program / Jetti A. Oliver

7. Mission 2:2:2: Seize the Opportunity / Bishop A. Samuel Moses

8. The Dynamics of Church Planting / Rev. Michael Callahan

9. The Diversity of the "Earthen Vessels" : Those Whom God Calls and Uses / Lois Hanson Hoyle

10. The Minister as Brooding Hen : Reflections on Clergy Formation / David Zersen

11. Six Basic Principles of Ministry / Hugh E. Hoyle

12. A Biblical Basis for Apostolic Ministry / Terry Tramel

13. A Blessed Journey : Treading Along with Jesus / P. Samata

14. The Holy Spirit Empowers the Church / Bishop Dr. James D. Leggett

Section 3
Signposts for Tomorrow

15. The Future of Christianity in India / P. Solomon Raj

16. What Am I Doing Here? Christian Theism and the Meaning of Life / Rev. Russell A. Board

17. Extending the Right Hand : An Important Yet Overlooked Defining Action of the Nascent Church / William L. Lyons

18. A Paradigm of Leadership Transference in the Bible / Bishop Dr. A. D. Beacham

Biographical Notes of Authors


Smitha P. Coffey serves as worship minister at Donald Church. She has a Bachelors in Arts from Andhra University, and another Bachelors in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Christian University, Oklahoma, USA. She also has a Masters in English Literature from Andhra University. Her husband Jeff is a missionary to India and they live together with their children, Eliana and Seth, in Hyderabad.

Donna Tracy Paul has served as Country Administrator for People to People Ministries in India (a Benevolence arm of IPHC World Missions). She has a Masters in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University. She has a heart for children's ministry, worship, media and creative arts. She currently resides with her husband, Tracy, in Ohio, USA.

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