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The Sumi Baptist Church Mission : Towards the Emerging Socio-Economic Context of Nagaland
Authorship Description
Dr. Hetoni Swu.
Bibliographical Details xxiv, 263 p. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Christian World Imprints.
ISBN-10 9351481107
ISBN-13 9789351481102, 978-9351481102
Year of Publication 2016.
Series Christian Heritage Rediscovered - 33.
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The book presents the locus standi of the Sumi Baptist Church in Nagaland. It also proposes the future course of action the Church should employ along with various non-governmental organizations, churches and the government organizations for the betterment of the society in socio-economic context. It suggests the Church to look seriously into biblical teachings and reflect theologically on the present problems for mission direction.

This scholarly work recommends for transformational development that allows establishment of God's desire in human society and in the rest of the creation for total life. It addresses the challenges being faced by the Sumi Baptist Church in the process of transformational development of the Naga society. The work is a treat for readers as it reconsiders four vital impediments in the quest of Naga Spirituality and their transformational development: Stewardship and socio-economic development, Justice in the midst of injustice and division among the Naga community, Liberative mission towards the oppressive socio-economic and political structures, Upholding kingdom community amid Naga society where the social and moral values are corrupted and spiritually bankrupt.

To eradicate the said impediments the author has provided well-researched suggestions like: Strengthening Naga traditional institution of customary laws and acts; Co-operative community development; Reviving community work culture; Human potential - Resource development, Educational development; and Job creation coupled with Project development.

The book is meant to fight against all the social odds that Nagas and society at large are facing. It paves the path for their transformational development so that in future the society can become a God's Intended Society.








1. Introduction

2. The Socio-Economic Situation of the Naga People in Nagaland

3. The Different Organisations Involved in Socio-Economic Upliftment of the Nagas in Nagaland (Section-A)

4. The Different Organisations Involved in Socio-Economic Upliftment of the Nagas in Nagaland (Section-B)

5. The Role of the Sumi Baptist Church Mission in the Socio-Economic Context of Nagaland

6. A Biblical-Theological Basis for Church Mission in the Socio-Economic Context of Nagaland

7. Transformational Development for the Mission of the Sumi Baptist Church


Appendix I

Appendix II

Dr. Hetoni Swu, hailing from the Sumi Community of Dimapur (Nagaland), is an active member of the Sumi Baptist Church.

She began her theological voyage by doing B.Th from Clark Theological College, Aolijen, Mokokchung; B.D from Bishop's College, Kolkatta; M.Th in Missiology from Serampore College, Serampore; and Ph.D under the Consortium from Indian Missiological Education (CIME), Bangalore. She had been on various positions at different renowned institutions and colleges. Since 2012, she is a teaching faculty at the Servanthood Bible College, Dimapur. She has also contributed numerous articles in various leading journals.

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